Kerfuffle is a fast-paced game for two or more players.

In this simple, symbols-based game, you play cards with special actions.

Some will help you, some will stop your opponent.

To win, you need have either at least one copy of all five card types in play or all five copies of one card type.

None of the cards used in the game contain any words, which makes it language independent and a great game to play with kids.

??? mins 2+ players Age 4+

More Details

Each player has a deck of 25 cards, with five copies of five different card types.

On your turn, you draw a card, then put one card into play from your hand, then do the special action for the card type you played.

If you have either all five copies of one type, or at least one copy of all five types in play, then you win the game.

Watch out though, one of the five types can be played to cancel a card that’s just been played. 


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Language dependency

Currently Kerfuffle is only available in English, however there is no text on the cards (other than the back saying ‘Kerfuffle‘) so there’s no reading needed to play. As long as someone can explain the rules, languages known or reading ability will not be a barrier to being able to play.