Sigil is a two player, abstract board game, along the lines of Nine-Mens-Morris or Fox and Geese.

In it, both players move the same pieces around the board in an attempt to leave their opponent unable to take a turn.

Included are the full (English) rules to play, plus if you don’t trust your drawing skills, there’s a page you can print out five copies of and tape together to make a decent-sized game board.

While the rules are only currently available in English, the game itself doesn’t use any written or spoken components.

15-30 mins 2+ players Age 7+


Sigil is available from:


What do you need to play?

Aside from the rules, you need to either draw the board on something, or print out and stick together the board provided.

Also you will need 26 ‘stones’, but you can use playing pieces, pennies, pebbles, candy, whatever you like.