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At the moment, Games 4 Geeks is only a sideline, but Bez wants to grow it into not just his day-job, but the full-time jobs of other people too.

That takes time, and money, and energy.

You can help with this by buying the games that Games 4 Geeks publishes, and by encouraging others to do the same, but there is another way too.

Introducing Patreon

Patreon is a site that allows you to regularly pay creators to do what they do, usually in exchange for them giving you something in return.

Bez has a Patreon, which helps you support him in his goal of turning Games 4 Geeks into a major publisher of tabletop games.

You pledge to pay at least $2 a month, which means that there’s a regular income for Bez as he creates new games. In return, you get free copies of the smaller games, and discounts of the larger games. You also get entered into prize draws, get sneak peeks at work-in-progress games, and have greater access to the creation process.

See what you're missing out on

Head on over to Patreon to take a look at all the benefits of signing up.

You can also see some of the posts over there, and get more information about becoming a patron.

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