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Safety Cards


RPGs involve a lot of improvisation. Because of this, sometimes things can go in unplanned directions.

People are complicated things. Sometimes they have something that they’re not happy dealing with, even in a fictional context.

These two factors can sometimes combine to cause what should be a fun activity to turn into something decidedly unfun. Maybe things go too far, and the game gets derailed. Perhaps someone suffers in silence, not wanting to spoil things for the others.

These cards are a tool to help prevent things that players and GMs are unhappy with from occurring in games. They for empowering the players and GM to speak up about those issues.


While the rules for how you use the cards are only in English and Spanish, the cards themselves don’t have any text, so can be used with players who don’t read those languages.

More Details

If you would like to try using Safety Cards in your games, you can download the pdf for how to use them (and for you to print your own) free either using the link here, or from any of the sites in the ‘Purchase’ section below.

Download the Safety Cards for free.

If you like them and want some professionally made cards for use in your games, they are available print-on-demand from either DriveThruRPG or DriveThruCards.

Thanks to a kind soul going by the nickname el corrector XXI, the pdf is also available in Spanish.

Descarga las tarjetas de seguridad gratis.


The Safety Cards are availvable from:


How do the cards work?
The cards are a tool to help prevent uncomfortable or upsetting moments in game.

Essentially they are a way of building into your game a way for players (and the GM) to veto content that they are not happy with, check other players are okay, and say whether they’re okay or not.

While this is all possible without a tool like this, the fact that the tool is a physical item present, and that participants are encouraged to use them, makes it far more likely that people will speak up when something upsets them.

As this is a free pdf, am I allowed to share it?

As long as you aren’t selling it, and are giving them the full pdf (or a full printed copy of it) you can give it to whoever you like and post it anywhere that allows such things.