Prof and Marty


You are the Prof , an inventor and an inter-dimensional traveller plus his grandson, Marty.
Maybe some of you are Marty’s mom (Prof’s daughter) Liz, his dad Garry, or his sister Autumn.
Shit, maybe someone’s a robot or an alien or something. You work it out, I need a drink.

Prof and Marty is one of the many, many versions of John Harper’s hit one-page RPG,  Lasers & Feelings. This particular crappy hack of the game is based on a certain rather popular TV show, but with enough changed to mean that I don’t have to worry about getting sued.



Catacombs & Chimeras is availvable from:


What dice do I need to play Prof and Marty?

As with pretty much all Lasers and Feelings hacks, you’ll need three ordinary, six-sided dice (3d6).

Ideally, you’ll have three per player (so they each have their own) but three total is fine, and the GM doesn’t need any dice.